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Products: electronics

We supply the following electronic modules suitable for our actuators:
  • data bus interface (for the commands: CAN, RS485, RS232)
  • sensor excitation and signal processing (e.g. for the position, velocity or current sensors and for the control)
  • power stages (to drive the motor, up to several 100 W, depending on the operational scenario)
  • protective features (against interference from the electrical power system or from the load, especially for standard COTS devices)

With these modules we cover many avionics applications which use actuation systems.

The combination with the mechanical hardware creates the topic "mechatronics", where we also include analog components (sensor operation, filters) as well as digital components (signal processors, controllers, serial data bus interfaces). Another unique area covers protective circuits for on-board electrical power systems. Their purpose is to enable the reliability of the actuation electronics units.

We design our electronic modules in many cases according to aviation standards (such as RTCA DO-160, MIL-STD-1275). The design principles used herein are important contributions to the reliability, especially in safety-related prototypes. The protective features lay the robust foundation to the operation in research and development.

In a more general sense the implementation of the control scheme is also part of the electronics. The use of micro-controllers (MCs) and digital signal processors (DSPs) greatly reduce the number of components and thus size. At the same time the flexibility of operation and data bus interfaces increases.

In addition to the main servo electronics we often deliver specific sensor signal solutions, in many cases with micro-controllers ("embedded systems"). Such signal conditioning modules are in research and development (R&D) programmes at universities and in the industry. They process electrical signals (voltage, current) or mechanical signals (position, velocity), when no other commercially off-the-shelf (COTS) units are available. We have developed a broad range of analysing and processing units, which we can flexibly combine and adopt.

We use similar electronics modules in development projects for components in DC power supplies. It is vital to have a reliable stable power supply. So we develop different supervisory modules to monitor the supply (mainly the battery). These modules form a battery management system ("BMS") which are in experimental tests.

We use similar electronic modules in development projects with DC supplies. The need for a constant supply voltage requires some protective devices. The main component is the battery. We have developed battery management systems ("BMS") and tested.


The reliability of mobile devices can be improved by "Smart Batteries". They contain (together with the storage chemistry) vital electronic components, creating an serial bus between battery and charger. The bus mostly used is the SMBus ("System Management Bus"). As an example we present a "Smart Battery" charger ("Smart Charger").


Example: Smart Battery Charger (SMBus)

Example: Battery Management System (BMS)

Example: LAPAZ - actuator electronic unit for a flight control system

Example: landing flap drive control unit