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Products: consulting

We have a broad experience of many years in systems engineering of mechatronic components and systems. This enables us to support:
  • independent consulting of technology and neutral assessment, trouble-shooting
  • project support during optimisation or replacement
  • harmonise the sub-systems or sub-components and their supplier
  • extended workbench (engineering, CAD design, assembly, testing)

Our competence on the relevant fields is the foundation to find the right components, independent of brands and manufacturers.


Electro-mechanical actuation systems replace more and more hydraulic actuation systems; in aircraft systems this is called "more electric aircraft" or even "all electric aircraft". There are also other applications (e.g. mobile service robots) with very similar requirements (high reliability, compact power density, harsh environmental conditions, low power consumption). We have supported many applications with our experience. Especially the progress in electronics now enables solutions which were too complicated a few years ago.

Example: thermal analysis