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We assist, develop and supply compact customised actuation systems combined with appropriate electronics in the range of:
  • output torques: from 1 Ncm to 100 Nm (resp. from 1 in-oz to 1000 in-lb)
  • output forces: from 1 N to 16 kN (resp. from 3 oz to 1.6 ton)

Within this range we cover typical applications in aviation, aerospace, robotics and test equipment. Our projects start with slow-flying world record aircraft, continue with sports and business aircraft and go up to hypersonic reentry spacecraft. But we also supply test equipment and sensor devices for laboratory applications.

Our strengths are the design and construction of prototypes (proof-of-concept) and low quantity series, especially for technology demonstrators in research and development.

The typical power source for our actuation systems and sensor devices are DC supplies with battery backup (as with aircraft). So we have similar operating scenarios as other autonomous vehicles (or mobile robots). To ensure a safe operation our electronics modules also perform supervisory tasks, including the battery (battery management system, BMS). Other modules protect electronics devices against power supply disturbances (for example over-voltage spikes).

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