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Products: actuators

The actuators are the (electro)mechanical part of the actuation system. Our solutions mostly consist of the following sub-components:
  • electric motor (e.g. brush or brushless servo motor with permanent magnets, stepper motor)
  • gear (e.g. spur, worm, spindle-lever, planet)
  • sensors (e.g. potentiometer [for position], resolver, encoder [for position or velocity], current sensors, temperature sensors)
  • integral housing with bearing and mounting
Many actuators run in closed-loop operation: so they have the highest precision with best dynamic response. The necessary electronic components can also be placed within the housing.

The output can be rotary (swivel or multi-turn) or linear (push-pull).

In addition to the "classic" electric motors we also work in research projects with piezo ceramic actuators. They offer in some applications an interesting alternative.


Example: aviation landing flaps drive

Example: aviation actuator