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Example: thermal analysis

The self-heating of electric motors under load can become a problem for many applications. Most of the motor manufacturers do not give any information on this issue. For a safe estimation of the behaviour under thermal stress (for example in cases of emergency) we developed a method to determine the thermal behaviour, which works without additional thermal sensors. The method generates a physically based model which can be integrated in the design program or simulation.

The Technical Report "Thermal Analysis of Electric Motors, Necessity - Model - Conclusions" describes our method to analyse the thermal behaviour and derive operating limits. It is available for PDF download (103 KB).

The following picture shows in two diagrams:

thermal analysis

The mean deviation between measured and estimated (model based) temperature of 1.5 Kelvin shows, that the thermal behaviour is captured well. So the implications from the model (temperature rise, time constants, steady states, etc.) are very trustworthy.