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Example: measurements on an injection pump actuator ("fly-by-wire")

With diesel engines the set point of operation is mainly influenced by the amount of injected fuel. The injection pump can be operated by man (e.g. in cars by pedal). In aircraft the operator often commands the actuation by electric signals which act on an actuator directly located at the engine. This type of actuation replaces a mechanical linkage by a electrical cable (therefore "fly-by-wire").

Our task in this project was the experimental testing, the preparation of the series production, the supervision of the series production, the mounting and the final acceptance inspection of the actuators. We set up a test stand with data acquisition to do these steps. The data were recorded and processed by a customised program.

test stand

actuator (on the right side) with torque and position sensor

output torque

torque of the actuator over the actuation travel

sensing error of the potentiometer

error signal over the actuation travel