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Company: computer aided design (CAD)

Our design covers the whole process from the beginning with the first concepts up to the documentation of the delivered products. This is true for the mechanical side as for the electrical, as well.

Our CAD system allows a broad link to different data exchange formats (2D drawing as well as 3D models: IGES, STEP, SAT, ...).

At the end of the design process we must assure that the components can withstand the acting loads. Here we utilize the direct connection between the CAD program and an FEM analysis program (FEM: Finite Element Method).  
Most components consist of metals, and the mechanical CAD program is well adopted. But there are also applications with primarily wooden parts: classical model aircraft. Here the design methods are often quite different to metal parts.  
Another part of the design is the development of hardware (printed circuit boards, wiring harnesses) and software (control algorithms, interfaces) for the electronic part of the actuation system.  

Example: actuation system

Example: FEM (Finite Element Method)

Example: model aircraft

Example: electronics hardware