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Example: CAD design: FEM (Finite Element Method)

The CAD program has the capability to start an FEM analysis (FEM: Finite Element Method) to investigate the effect of the loads on the mechanical part. To start the analysis all we have to do is to locate the critical loads at the relevant places. Then the FEM analysis delivers a variety of numerical results, e.g. the distribution of the deflection under load (front part of the image) or the stress (rear part of the image).

The integration of the FEM analysis in the CAD design process is the ideal opportunity to spot the critical areas of the contruction and to take countermeasures. The reason is: stress and deflection are often in conflict with the available space. The FEM analysis helps to specify the reqired material: the alloy play the key role for the available strength.

CAD design: FEM (Finite Element Method)