Landing Flaps Drive System

Kinematic layout diagram

The schematic diagram shows the kinematic layout of the flap drive system. There are always two actuators (red) acting on a single flap panel (grey). Two motors (blue) power the main drive unit (yellow). Between the main drive unit and the actuators are long flexible shafts (green).

The reduction of the motor speed happens in several steps. The greatest reduction happens inside the actuators, so the torque transmitted by the flexible shafts is very reduced. The main drive unit has spur gears, while the actuators have worm gears to drive the ball screw spindles.

A special feature comes from the fact that the trapezoidal flap panel is actuated by actuators, all with equal travel. The inequality of the panel movement is compensated by the link between the spindle nut and the panel. The only consequence is that the inner actuators are slightly longer than the outer actuators, but except that identical. This reduces the costs.

Kinematic layout diagram (Landing Flaps Drive System)
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